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ESG Compliance

Improving ‘S’ and ‘G’ Performance to Match a Stellar ‘E’ Score

ESG-driven investing has moved towards the mainstream in recent years, prompting many of the world’s most influential companies to integrate sustainability into their business practices to retain their appeal to investors. As a green startup that is actively helping organisations and private individuals reduce GHG emissions and save on energy costs (supporting corporate customers with meeting their ESG goals in the process), SAPG undoubtedly scores well for ‘E’; now, in line with its belief in transparency, inclusivity, and social justice, it is intensifying efforts to uphold ‘S’ and ‘G’ principles via:

Social (S)

Offering Affordable Payment Plans to Low-Income Households

Despite its comparatively low price, a SAPG self-adaptive hydropower system still represents a major upfront expense for low-income rural households. To ensure SAPG hydropower is accessible to all, the Company will partner with financial institutions to introduce affordable payment plans for qualifying households, in addition to working with non-profits to install its systems at a heavily subsidised rate in impoverished locales where the need is greatest.

Governance (G)

Committed to Keeping Investors Updated and Addressing Their Concerns

SAPG takes its responsibilities to investors seriously. Incoming shareholders will receive a thorough briefing during onboarding; following that, they will receive quarterly updates via their preferred communication channel, along with requests for feedback. The Company welcomes all constructive input and is open to adapting its business practices to reflect shareholders’ values in response to any concerns raised.

Accelerating Global Progress Towards Meeting UN SDGs

Goal 1 – No Poverty

Reliable access to free or cheap electricity empowers impoverished households to pursue educational and employment opportunities (e.g. enrolling in night classes, starting home-based businesses) that improve their chances of escaping poverty.

SAPG self-adaptive hydropower systems generate electricity without combusting fossil fuels at a low cost, making it an affordable option for developing economies, small businesses, and low-income households balancing sustainability with economic growth

Goal 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy

Goal 10 – Reduced Inequalities

Bridging urban-rural and income gaps by democratising access to cheap, clean electricity, which is essential to expedite economic growth without adding to pollution in rural, impoverished communities.

Fossil fuels must be rapidly phased out in favour of renewable energy sources like SAPG hydropower if the world is to achieve the Paris Agreement goal of slashing GHG emissions to net zero by 2050.

Goal 13 – Climate Action

Goal 14 – Life Below Water

Minimal impact on aquatic ecosystems compared to traditional hydropower plants; protects natural habitats and preserves biodiversity.

Similar to Goal 14 – SAPG self-adaptive hydropower plants do not disturb the soil structure or flood surrounding land during installation, thus causing minimal harm to land flora and fauna.

Goal 15 – Life on Land

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