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Core Product

Self-Adaptive, Self-Regulating Electricity Generator Powered by Sophisticated AI and IoT Technology

Low Set-Up Cost

All Day Power Generation 24/7

(Not limited to weather condition)

Easy Implementation

(Not limited to geographical location)


(Small scale to large scale)

High efficiency

Leverage on latest technology

(IoT monitoring, AI algorithm, low RPM generator etc.)


How It Works?

SAPG’s self-adaptive hydropower electricity generation system is modelled on traditional hydropower plants that convert the gravitational potential energy of flowing water into kinetic energy and in turn electrical energy; however, the system differs in that it does not need to be located near a river (or indeed, any body of water) and consists of prefabricated modules that can be installed with minimal earthwork, greatly expediting the site selection and construction process. The design of the system prototype is shown below, along with a list of specifications and a brief explanation of how electricity is produced:


Why Self Adaptive Hydroelectric Power Generation System?

Key Differentiator

Value Proposition

Superior Alternative to Solar, Wind, and Conventional Hydropower

As mentioned in the ‘Market Overview’ section, a renewable energy technology that fulfils three main criteria would be a highly competitive alternative to solar, wind, and conventional hydropower – criteria the SAPG system easily meets, in addition to being much less likely to experience catastrophic malfunctions that cause electricity production to grind to a halt (even if a breakdown occurs, most components can be easily repaired by the average mechanic). The many compelling reasons for renewables users to switch to SAPG hydropower include:

Revenue Generation

System Sales For Off-Grid Power Generation

First targeting rural households and businesses that are not connected to the national grid and rely on diesel generators.

Licensing Fees

Enter licensing agreements with business partners in overseas markets granting them the right to manufacture and sell SAPG self-adaptive hydropower systems in exchange for royalty payments.

Electricity Sales

Construct medium and large-scale power plants to supply electricity to either public utility companies or private corporations for a profit.

Carbon Credit Sales

Qualify for United Nations-issued carbon credits as an emissions reduction project.

Sell the credits to private corporations seeking to offset their emissions.

Areas of Implementation

Modular Electricity Supply is a versatile solution that extends electricity access to off-grid areas, fostering socio-economic progress globally. Its implementation requires minimal infrastructure and cabling expenses, enabling sustainable and inclusive development.

Remote areas

Remote Island


Agriculture & Farming

Fishing Village



Small & Medium Industry

Key Benefits To End-Users

Solar panels do not provide 24/7 electricity, windmills are location-dependent, and hydro-power plants have site limitations. The global electricity price averages USD 0.18/kWh. Meanwhile, this is what SAPG can offer:

SAPG can be set-up anywhere

operating 24/7

relatively low set up cost

Low operating & maintenance cost

Join us in building the next generation of power plants through your support

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