Project Details:

1. This sounds like a workable project based on the following premise:

  • That it is simple, of low cost ( approximately USD20,000.00. Ex-factory Malaysia) and taking up small footprint (5m x 5m)
  • That the targeted and potential market sector is clear and huge (remote farms worldwide)
  • That competition is kept at bay due to its localized, decentralized nature (as opposed to Hydro and Wind)
  • Maintenance costs of the set up is minimal (materials wear and tear; e.g. piping, sensors, wiring cables etc.)
  • Case in point, in Malaysia cost of using generator set (a norm in remote villages) is about 1.5x that of purchasing electricity from TNB, the National Power Grid.
  • That the comparative ROI for the various setups are as follows:
    i. Solar 6 years
    ii. Wind 10 years
    iii. Hydro 15 years
    iv. Gravity 1- 3 years

2. A survey of regional tariff cost are as follows:

i. Philippines USD0.18/kWh
ii. Singapore SGD0.13/kWh (USD0.095/kWh)
iii. Malaysia USD0.08/kWh
iv. Australia USD0.23 to 0.33/kWh
v. China USD0.08 to 0.091/kWh
vi. Europe USD0.22 to 0.34/kWh
vii. Denmark USD0.54/kWh
viii. Hawaii USD0.40/kWh
ix. California USD0.30/kWh

3. Provided the patent is successful, end game is to package the patent together with a viable business plan and solicit a conglomerate for further scaling.

4. Timeline of the project:

R&D and fine-tuning

2019 - 2022

Filed patent

Mar 2023

Seek Series A funding

Jun – Dec 2023

Launch pilot project

August - Dec 2023

Solicit bidders

July – Sep 2023

Identify successful bidder

Oct 2023

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